Featured by Infusioncast

I have the honor of being featured by the new Infusioncast podcast this week, talking about Intrakr Inventory with mention of our new Intrakr Check-in Product.

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About Infusioncast

In January 2014, the cofounders of codeBOX, Joshua Millage and Thomas Patrick Levy set a goal to add value to the Infusionsoft community. From the inception of their companycodeBOX has had many of breakthrough ideas from simply hearing stories from members in the community.

Joshua and Thomas wanted to create a platform for sharing ideas, stories and successes that happen all of the time in the infusionsoft community. The Infusioncast podcast was born.

The mission of Infusioncast is to become the #1 podcast for magnifying innovative ideas, stories and successes of the Infusionsoft community. The Infusioncast goal is that there will be one take away in each episode that helps you do something different in your business to help you achieve more success.