3 Ways to Improve the Phoenix Tech Startup Scene: A Developer’s Point of View

Having been a part of the Phoenix tech and startup communities for a while, I've noticed some unfortunately trends with folks trying to build their own tech startups. I've outlined a few of them in my latest article on Medium, along with my suggestions for how to work to resolve them, both from the technical and non-technical perspectives.

Here's an excerpt:

The Service Mindset

Being an entrepreneur is tough. I get it. I continue to struggle with the ups and downs and financial implications. Yes, I take side work when necessary to help pay the bills and get paid for my time. What I don’t do, however, is expect immediate payment for all of my work.

It’s an old principle: your time on a project should yield some sort of payment. Makes sense as long as you’re thinking long term enough. If you start a venture, dedicate time and energy to it, and see it through some level of success, you will receive back from it at least what you put in. This whole philosophy proves to be an issue to those that don’t see short-term gain for their effort spent on a start-up.

Unfortunately, I’ve witnessed far too many developers slack on or entirely leave projects that didn’t yield an immediate reward. This leaves the founders hanging, often with partially-built code and sometimes out some cash that they paid to complement any equity.

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